Pew Pew Pew… You know what that sound means????

I am back! Well shooting air gun that is! It was July of last year at the Spain Grand Prix where I was shooting my first few training days of air gun when my feet began to IMG_7833bget tingly. It’s been a long road to get here but man oh man is it worth it.

First training day back, I shot 15 shots and only 1 was a 9… my first shot, a dang, 9.9 ugh! Haha, but it settled surprisingly well. To be honest, my hold was crazy but I guess my many years of training trigger release paid off. 😉

Second day, I upped the anti and I shot 30 shots, with my first 20 straight through. MyIMG_7838b hold was a bit more settled and I shot some solid strings and 104.0 to finish of my

Third day in was yesterday! Man, was it a great day! I shot a 105.4!!! I was happy! I also shot 30 shots in an attempt to test how shooting more back to back feels. My first string in sighters was a 103.7, my next string was the 105.4!, and my final string 104.2.

Overall, I am really happy with how air rifle is coming together! And I am excited for the next few weeks.IMG_7846b

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