One month of shooting… oh man, does it feel good.

The last month has been AWESOME! Today one month ago, I started shooting again. As you all know, I started training kneeling first and then got into prone after making sure my back could handle it. It’s been slow but also so cool feeling my positions just click right into place. Though I was worried I wouldn’t be able to shoot like I used to, I guess my 16 years of training have more weight that the 1 year I was injured.

Another surprise this last month is that it feels like I am shooting my IMG_7784cpersonal records or perfect strings all over again. Like shooting a 100 in prone and then a 200 a few days later was a big deal and I got nervous! Haha But really it’s been great experiencing all of these emotions again because honestly I have missed them, even the ones that aren’t an athlete’s best friend. 😉

On a daily basis, I still am having to remind myself that this could be gone at any moment. My last year’s pain and hard work result in null. I go see my surgeon for a follow-up this week and we are expecting all thumbs up. Even though all is going great, I still have 8 degenerated discs in my back (most 70 year olds don’t have a back that looks like mine – quote from my doc) and at any moment my symptoms could return. Only a handful of months ago, I couldn’t feel most of my legs from my knees down and I now my feet can be tickled again! It’s a big deal that I don’t take for granted! I am so excited for what the future holds. Whether that’s being able to perform at my best in the Rio Olympic games or whether it’s just a few more weeks of shooting, what I have learned is that shooting is still my favorite sport in the world. And heck, I can still shoot some tens. 🙂

Competing in my sport is still a dream come true, but this dream isn’t only in my hands. I trust in the Lord’s plan whether it’s making my dream come true of competing again in the Olympic Games or even if that means taking away my dream and to protect my body so I can be fully functional for the rest of my life, pursue my professional career, and follow my future dreams. It’s a beautiful thing being able to trust in the Lord who “works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Sarah Elijah Scherer – Life is an amazing journey.

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