Diet restrictions and my cheat days… Foodie and RD life!

As of this year, I have been following a wheat-free diet with a limit on dairy and chicken. Why is this? Well it’s not that I’m hopping on the gluten-free bandwagon because I want to be “hip”, but I actually got tested for food allergies and I am allergic to wheat and chicken and amContinue reading “Diet restrictions and my cheat days… Foodie and RD life!”

my shooting story

I began shooting at the age of 9 in Woburn, Massachusetts at the Mass. Rifle Association gun club. I remember taking my first shot in prone with the club’s .22 Anschutz rifle and thinking to myself, “this is so cool!” From that point on I was hooked. During my teenage years, I tried other sports,Continue reading “my shooting story”

wellness and lifestyle change

Some people believe wellness is only for the affluent and only concern those who can afford it but I disagree. Wellness is something everyone should be able to strive for and I believe everyone can achieve. One part of wellness is being in control of your lifestyle and health habits instead of being defined byContinue reading “wellness and lifestyle change”